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Course description:

Two-fluid two-phase modelling of thermalhydrailic phenomena in reactor heat transport systems including modeling and simulation of postulated accidents. Topics include: two-fluid conservation equations and constitutive correlations, nodalization schemes and numerical methods applied in thermalhydraulic network simulation, equation of state and the rate method, computer code development, CATHENA computer code specific theory, numerical algorithms, and flow regime modelling. This is a simulation-based course; it includes CATHENA simulation assignments.

One lecture per week
Prerequisite: registraton in a graduate program in Engineering Physics or equivalent
Instructors: Dr Nik Popov, popovn@aecl.ca, 905-823-9060, extension 3623
On campus contact: Dr W.G. Garland, garlandw@mcmaster.ca, NRB 117, ext. 24925

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