The CNS Universities Committee


The Universities Committee was formed in the fall of 1995 with the mandate to assist in the coordination of activities of Canadian universities with nuclear programs in keeping with the Canadian Nuclear Society objective of acting as a forum for the exchange of information relating to nuclear technology among specialists and members of national and international scientific and learned societies.


Ideally, there are to be six universities represented: University of New Brunswick, Ecole Polytechnique, Royal Military College, University of Toronto, McMaster and University of Saskatoon. There would be at least one CNS officer on the committee as ex-officio members. As it stands, membership is ... ah, shall we say ... sparse. If you have an interest in helping us to fulfil our mandate, please contact a committee member. You don't have to be a professor; you just need to be willing and able to help.
Committee Chair: Bill Garland
Member at Large: Ben Rouben


Committee Reports