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Notice: This page has been superceeded as of July 28, 2007. It is maintained here for archival purposes and will not be kept up to date. It's contents were moved to www.nuclearcanada.ca, a wiki based that permits users to contribute their own links.

The purpose of this page is to make it easy and convenient for students to find out who is doing what and where in nuclear science and engineering research and education. The focus is Canadian Universities, of course, but we should not neglect others. Industry might like to establish a few points of technical contact.

If you would like your name or organization listed, please point me to a preferred link (this makes it easy for me because I won't need to keep the info updated) or send me the details with email addresses, web addresses, names, descriptions, whatever. I tend to add links as I come across them so if you don't want your name listed, please let me know and I will ensure that I don't add your link.

This is a new list. Please help me make it grow.

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