HOME An Introduction to the CANDU Nuclear Energy Conversion System


A text by A.A. Harms, McMaster University, 1975.

Reproduced here with the kind permission of A.A. Harms.

"The CANDU nuclear reactor has recently attracted considerable attention both at home and abroad. The increasing interest in this distinctly Canadian nuclear energy system has identified the need for an introductory description of the basic elements of the CANDU reactor suitable for a readership with a wide range of professional qualifications.

It is believed that this monograph can serve as a self-study guide and as a supportive text for the scientist, engineer and other technically oriented individual with little previous exposure to nuclear engineering in general and who possesses only a passing familiarity with the CANDU nuclear reactor in particular. An attempt has been made to be impressionistic on both the analytical-scientific and the systems-descriptive level. A detailed discussion of specialized topics such as reactor physics, plant engineering and reactor operations is outside the scope of this text." - from the Foreword