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The CANTEACH Project

CANTEACH is a knowledge repository that provides high quality technical documentation relating to the CANDU nuclear energy system. This information is public and is intended for use in various aspects of education, training, design and operation.


  • CANTEACH-rev1: - Original version (McMaster University server). The CANTEACH project started as an AECL - CNS Universities Committee initiative in January 2000 with the mandate to produce technical educational material on CANDU with a focus on why CANDU is designed the way it is, not just how it is designed.
  • CANTEACH-rev2: - First version. In early 2002, the CANTEACH projected moved to COG sponsorship and administration, The site was moved to COG web space on 2002.05.17.
    • This site has a working search and filter engine but the metadata keyword database is not fully populated.
    • This site has been archived as CANTEACH-rev2.
  • CANTEACH-rev3: - Current version. Good progress was made in adding new documentation up to about 2005 when I got sidetracked by the UNENE initiative but from 2007 onwards there was considerable effort put in by the good people at COG and myself to improving the CANTEACH site to add better search and filtering capility based on keyword metadata. A decision was made to halt further development of the existing site (static html with a bit of php scripting for the search engine) in favour of a new site based on MS Sharepoint similar to that used by COG internally. The metadata keyword database was populated. This new site permits the dynamic presentation of document lists based on Organization, Concept, System Index, Topic, Phase and Audience. Launched 2012.02.10
  • NucEng CANDU tech docs: - Experimental version. While exploring different ways of displaying CANTEACH info, I developed an extensively hyperlinked version using MS Excel VBA and the metadata keyword database. I chose a non-CANTEACH name just to make it clear that it is not a mainstream CANTEACH site.