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This is my personal nuclear engineering website for students and others interested in Nuclear Engineering, built when I was Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics, McMaster University. See also the official departmental page on Nuclear Engineering. I am retired now but still maintain the site. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Enjoy. Have a quick look around to get a sense of the layout of this web site. It covers my research, teaching, links to other nuclear related sites, a help page, a search engine, etc.
- site webmaster and Professor Emeritus, Bill Garland
Several links from this web site are to files in portable document format (pdf) format. You can use Adobe's Acrobat Reader to browse pdf documents on-line, print the document and download the files. If you haven't installed Adobe's Acrobat Reader already, click here to download it for free. (Adobe and Acrobat Reader are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated).
Full contact information can be found at the official department web site. Because of this web site and my other work-related web sites, I receive far more email than I can answer. I don't mean to be snooty, but the easier you make your email for me to read, the more likely it will be that I can find the time and energy to respond. Please refer to for suggested email style.
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Google advanced search examples:
- for items containing the word black or the word white: black OR white,
- for items containing the word black but not white: black -white
- for items containing the word black and the word white: black white
- for items containing the phrase "black and white": "black and white"
Of course, you can also search web pages with your browser by using [Ctrl-F]. You can search from within pdf files by using the 'find' command in Adobe Reader.
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  • The message should say: SUBSCRIBE {list name} {your name}
  • Example: SUBSCRIBE CDN-NUCL-L Freddy Farkle
You will receive an email with further instructions.
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