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Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Operation

(This course is also given as a UNENE course - UN 0801)


Course description and administrative matters:

Course Schedule

Problem Clarifications:

Some Lecture Material (in order of presentation):

  1. Backgrounder on Fission and CANDU Reactor
  2. Station Cutaway Enlarged
  3. Calibration of Simulator Time Scale
  4. Modes of Plant Operation
  5. CANDU Control Programs and Process Systems

Course notes:

The course material is copyrighted so it cannot be posted freely here on the web or be distributed without permission. Go to the bookstore and purchase the course pack. The cost is about $30 for the main notes + CD, and about $15 each for the resource book (containing assignments and other support material) and a reference text. The resource book and the reference text are on the CD so you could get away without either but you would need to find and print off the material from the CD. Cost-wise, since printing is not cheap, you would be advised to buy the resource pack at least. Ask for the CD at the checkout. Due to the over-subscription to the course, you may have to wait 48 hours to pick up the material after you pay for it.

Note: The reference text is available for download, compliments of the author, Dr. George Bereznai George.Bereznai@uoit.ca. This text contains all the course theory and notes in a succinct format. Cover (pdf 26kb) Text Body (pdf 2.4Mb).

Try a sample. Includes interactivity but the audio has been disabled since the audio files are time-consuming to down load. Very nice. The course material consists of the following:

Tutorials and Class Recordings:

Occasional tutorials are held as requested. Supporting text and audio / screen capture recordings of the actual tutorials are given below. BBFlashback was used to create a self standing executable. Just down load and run. Use the View command on the toolbar to adjust the movie size. File sizes are large but that is the best we can do at the moment. Check the schedule below for when the tutorials were / will be held.

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