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NucEng CANDU tech docs
based on CANTEACH

only this CANDU tech doc site

This is a test site for Nuclear Engineering CANDU technical document pages based on CANTEACH generated using Excel VBA and an export of the beta CANTEACH site Sharepoint database to an Excel spreadsheet.

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About this test site

  • Features:
    • The subdocuments are listed chronologically under a parent keyword heading (Organization, Concept, System, Discipline, Topic , Phase, Audience).
    • Full info on the docs are presented in paragraph form rather than table form.
    • Keywords are crosslinked. When looking at the paragraph for a given document, the keywords are included and are hyperlinked to a page showing all other documents having the same keyword.
    • A navigation menu is provided in the left hand column of all document pages.
  • Limitations:
    • These are static pages.
    • The only search capability is via ctrl-F on each page.
    • The nav menu is long. Need to work on a collapible menu perhaps.
  • Code:
    • The Excel spreadsheet canteach3.xls (xls 1.0Mb) contains the data and code used to create the document pages.